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Leverage China, LLC is a fast growing import export management consulting and advisory firm. With 21 years of experience in connecting the Chinese and American markets, Leverage China understands how business works in China and in U.S. Our commitment is to close the gap and build strong, lasting partnerships between American and Chinese companies. Your entry to China will be strategic, seamless and successful.

Our services include but are not limited to:
  • Market research
  • Market entry service
  • Relationship development with key partners and government agencies
  • Market penetration development
  • Outsourcing planning and execution

Doing Business with China

China is the most exciting emerging market in the world. It has not only become the world’s second -largest economy, China has also become the main market in industries like automotive, construction material and services, energy and environmental technologies and telecommunication materials and services. Other industries in China experiencing enormous growth are aerospace and aviation, agriculture business and food, security and safety equipment, consumer goods and recreation, information technology, machine tools, medical and pharmaceutical and transportation, infrastructure and more.

US Exports to China

While China presents U.S. companies with great business opportunities, it also presents challenges preventing U.S. companies from succeeding in China, which result from differences in language and culture, business environment, marketing channels, law and regulations, consumer’s buying patterns and more.

Leverage China, LLC is committed to you achieving fast return on investment with controlled risks in China’s market. Please visit Leverage China on LinkedIn, Leverage China on Google+ or contact us directly.


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