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Welcome to Leverage China!

Exporting to China? Leverage China is Here to help!

Leverage China, LLC is a fast growing import export management consulting and advisory firm. With 21 years of experience in connecting the Chinese and American markets. Leverage China understand how business works in China and in U.S. Our commitment is to close the gap and build strong, lasting partnerships between American and Chinese companies. Your entry to China will be strategic, seamless and successful.

Exporting to China? Leverage China is Here to help!
  • Market research
  • Market entry service
  • Relationship development with key partners and government agencies
  • Market penetration development
  • Outsourcing planning and execution


Exporting & Market

Two thirds of the world's purchasing power is outside the United States. Exporting is an effective way to grow your business. Exporting diversifies market risks, extends product life cycles, uses idle capacity and reduces unit cost. Leverage China can assist your business in developing ways to reap the benefits of exporting.

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Importing & Outsourcing

In assessing import/export strategies and opportunities, Leverage China recognizes each organization's unique needs to the product or service and industry levels. With its expertise in bridging gaps between the Eastern and Western business cultures, Leverage China will be your link to new markets.

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Case Studies

Leverage China can act as your international business development team; or as corporate advisers to assist your organization in finding the best solutions to your challenges and in developing strategies to meet your organization's goals.


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